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Global Water FL16U Water Flow Logger

Battery-Powered Open Channel Flow Logging

Brand: Global Water | Part #: FL16U | Item #: ID510

The FL16U Water Flow Logger is ideal for partially filled stormwater or sewer pipes, flumes, weirs, inflow and infiltration, stream and river gauging, or many other open channel applications.

  • Compact, battery-powered (up to 1 year), easy to use
  • No confined space entry required for sensor deployment
  • Records depth, temperature, water flow and velocity readings
  • Works in depths as little as 0.5" up to 3 ft
  • Weather-resistant logging unit
  • Large 81,000 point data logger with USB communications
  • Heavy duty 25 ft of sensor cable
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The FL16U Flow Logger will revolutionize the way you collect flow data. The FL16 will record over 81,000 depth, temperature, flow, and velocity readings for applications such as: in­flow and infiltration studies, storm and waste collection systems, open channels (including sewer and drainage pipes, flumes, weirs, and square channels), and a host of other gravity-flow type systems. Not recommended for applications with solids, strings, undissolved waste products or coating materials.

The FL16’s specially engineered, non­fouling level sensor works in depths as low as 3/4" and allows for deployment in manholes and other difficult to ac­cess areas without the need to enter the confined space. With multiple FL16’s you can collect rain event or other flow event data from 5 or 6 sites simultane­ously– all for less than the price of one of the other flowmeters on the market.

The FL16’s user-friendly Windows­-based software is tailored specifically for calculating flows in partially filled sewer and drainage pipes using the Manning’s Equation. Pull-down menus for selecting and entering the neces­sary pipe or primary device information make programming quick and easy. A unique calibration feature allows users to view calculated water velocity, com­pare this to actual measured data, and adjust the flow parameters to calibrate the flow conditions of a specific ap­plication. Flow equations for over 40 standard flumes and weirs are provided, as well as user-definable custom lookup tables that can be used to convert wa­ter level to flow for virtually any appli­cation. Once configured, all setup and flow parameters are stored in the FL16’s memory and are uploaded to the soft­ware automatically upon connection. This information can also be saved to a file for later use, allowing the FL16 to be deployed in multiple locations without the need to re-enter the flow parameters each time it is moved.

The FL16 operates on two standard 9 volt batteries, which it monitors so you are never caught off guard with dead bat­teries. Our optional FLMNT protective housing includes hardware for mount­ing to a manhole step or other structure, which allows for easy installation and replacement in the field.

It comes with a USB interface and includes the weatherproof log­ger unit, the non-fouling sensor with 25 feet of heavy duty cable, and the FL16-ACM software package.

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