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Noncontact Meters Handheld Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Budget Priced Portable for Clean Liquids

Brand: Noncontact Meters | Part #: NCMP-603 | Item #: ID2534

Ideal for water, well water, chilled water, hot water, city water, cooling tower water, deionized water, sea water, sewage and acids.

  • Clamp-on ultrasonic transducer for non-invasive measurement
  • Works on plastic and metal pipes 2" to 48" (50 mm to 1200 mm)
  • Built-in 300,000 point data logger
  • Long life battery (up to 18 hours) and AC charger
  • Rugged IP67 heavy duty carry case
  • Large, backlit LCD display shows flow rate and totalizer
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Price: $4295.00

Easy to Use Non-Invasive Clamp-On Flow Meter

The Noncontact Meters NCMP-603 handheld portable ultrasonic flow meter is economically priced for your budget. Utilizing the latest technology, it installs in seconds on most rigid plastic or metal pipes (2" to 48"). Recommended for full pipe, clean liquid applications (<2% suspended solids).

Typical applications include: Water, well water, chilled or hot water, city water, cooling tower water, deionized water, sea water, sewage, acids and more.

With it's long life battery (up to 18 hours) and built-in 300,000 point data logger, the NCMP-603 is ideal for spot checks, flow surveys and longer term studies.

Complete Kit / Ready to Use

The NCMP-603 portable flow meter comes as a complete kit, and includes: Portable ultrasonic flow meter with built-in data logger, clamp-on transducers for pipes 1" to 48", mounting kit, rugged carry case, manual and calibration certificate.

Data Loggers

Noncontact Meters BTU Meter Data Logger
BTU Data Logger Module Kit, for use with most flow meters. Includes two platinum 3-wire RTDs for temperatures -4°F to 212°F (-20°C to 100°C), data logger, mounting hardware, software and more.
Brand: Noncontact Meters | Part #: BTUM-A1 | Item #: ID16625

Recommended Accessories

Acoustic Couplant (Silicone)
General purpose acoustic mounting compound. Ideal for most clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter applications. 5.3 oz tube.
Brand: Dow Corning | Part #: F-100-100 | Item #: ID83
Dwyer Budget Priced Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Budget priced compact portable ultrasonic thickness gauge. Range: 0.047 to 7.874 in (1.2 to 200 mm), Accuracy: ±0.5%, Resolution: 0.001" (0.1 mm).
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