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Macnaught Positive displacement oval gear flow meters

Brand: | Part #: Macnaught MX Series | Item #: ID16925
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Positive displacement oval gear flow meters optimized for fuel, oil solvent and industrial measurement applications.


* Flow ranges from 0.13 GPH to 194 GPM

* Up to ±0.5% accuracy (±1.0% for MX06P, MX09P)

* Stainless steel meter body Bearingless PPS Rotors

* High temperature and high viscosity rotors available

* FEP/PTFE encapsulated seals

* Temperature Range: -40 to 176°F

* Optional 12 or 17mm LCD display

* Outputs options: 4-20mA (passive), Transistor, Pulse Output, Alarm

* BSP, NPT or flanged process connections

* CE compliant

* 2 Year Warranty