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Open Channel Flow Monitor AC Power

Brand: | Part #: FC220-AC | Item #: ID1692
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Price: $1200.00
 FC220-AC : Open Channel Flow Monitor AC Power. The flow meter accepts any 4-20 water depth input. Output 4-20MA, Power 120 VAC.
Display/Keypad: 16 character x 2 line LCD backlit, 8-button tactile keypadCapacity: Flow: 7 digit maximum Totalizer: 9 digit maximum Level: 5 digit maximum Display Resolution: 3 decimal places maximum, Auto-adjusting Accuracy: Sensor accuracy + equation/table error + 0.1% + 1 digit Units: Level: Feet, inches, meters, centimeters Volume: Cubic feet, gallons, million gallons, cubic meters, liters Time: Seconds, minutes, hours, days Flow: 20 Combinations of volume and time units above Level Sensor Input: 4-20mA 2-Wire or 3-wire, 0-5VDC, 0-1VDC

Output: One 4-20mA scalable, 4 independent SPDT relays (8A @ 250VAC, 5A @ 30VDC resistive)

Power: 12VDC or 18-24VDC Input, +/-10%

Current Draw: 150mA Maximum, <1mA Power Saving Mode

Internal Fuse: 315mA

Power Adapter: 18VDC Universal Power Supply, 90-220VAC Input

Enclosure: 7.1x5.1x1.4 inch (18x13x3.5 cm) (WxHxD)

Weight: 1 lb (0.45 kg)

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