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4440 BTU Meter

Brand: | Part #: 4440 BTU Meter | Item #: ID16731
3/4" Heat Meter (190 deg F). Battery powered, LCD Indicator.Pulse output,  Displays Power, Energy, Flow Rate & Temperature
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Price: $757.00
3/4" Heat Meter (190 deg F). Battery powered, LCD Indicator, Pulse output, Displays Power, Energy, Flow Rate & Temperature.

Note: Use Model 4450  for Heat / Cooling applications>

• Heating Systems
• Cooling Systems
• Solar Systems
• Ground Source Heat Pumps
• Co-Generation
• Heat Reclaim Systems

• Fully electronic compact heat meter or compact
cooling & heat meter for recording energy and volume data
• Highly accurate recording of heating or cooling & heating
energy at temperatures up to 195 °F
• Can be mounted horizontally or vertically
• Lithium battery guarantees a longer life than calibration interval
• Single-line, 7-digit LCD display for easy meter reading
• Pulse Output for Energy or Flow
• ¾” Union Connections