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Elster 15, Elster 20, Elster 25 Industrial Oil Meters

Brand: Elster | Part #: Overview (Elster 15-25) | Item #: ID16688
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This Elster AMCO Water line of high precision oscillating piston oil flow meters covers a range of flows from 2.6 to 800 GPH. These meters are capable of handling a wide viscosity range including light and medium heating oil, diesel, and even heavy heating oil (meters 3/4” and 1”). Accuracy is ±1% throughout the operating flow range for each meter. Each meter is tested with #2 oil at 70°F to verify the accuracy.

Typical applications of the Elster AMCO oil meters include: Measuring heating oil consumption in burners for heating units and industrial furnaces; measuring fuel consumption in landbased and sea-based diesel engines including emergency power generators; industrial batching applications.

The user has the option of mounting these meters horizontally, vertically or on any plane in between. To assist reading at whatever angle the meter is mounted, the register dial may be rotated through a full 360° (except on reed pulser units) Elster AMCO oil meters include a bottom plate that is easily removed to allow for cleaning or inspection of the measuring chamber without removing the meter from the line. Also, the register face features a 1:1 piston ratio low-flow indicator to detect plumbing leaks.

Pulse units are available in both high and low speed pulse outputs, allowing interfacing for batch operations, rate of flow indication, or remote readouts and control. Typically, reed pulsers are used for remote totalization. The high resolution of the inductive pulser makes it ideal for rate of flow or batching applications.