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Dynasonics Series UFX Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Brand: Dynasonics | Part #: DUFX | Item #: ID16520
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The Dynasonics Series UFX Portable Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meter provides accurate and reliable flow velocity measurements on closed pipe liquid applications. Appropriate liquids should have suspended solids or aeration at a minimum of 100 ppm.

The UFX portable doppler utilizes a single hand-held transducer appropriate for most plastic or metal pipes. Ultrasonic sound waves are transmitted through the pipe wall, reflect off suspended solids or aeration, and are received and processed to determine flow velocity. Within seconds of placing the transducer, the large LCD will provide a velocity reading in FPS (feet per second) or MPS (meters per second).

The UFX portable doppler also includes a flow calculator/slide chart for converting velocity (FPS/MPS) to volumetric flow (GPM/LPM) for convenience.

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